Did you see that advertisement?

The lost woman show

Oh yes. Colt pussed out to pressure and is no longer making AR-15 available to the public. Gah. You know what that makes me do? Go to another manufacturer. 

So, I knocked on the door of the Russian Bear to shake his knowledge tree. Then I had to stop by his blog to see what he was up to. Holy smokes! When I took my vacation from blogging, I missed out on so many updates from all over that I feel I was captured by enemy soldiers and forced to eat cake and drink too much wine.

He has a beautiful website here.

For the love of Pete, check it out. If you want something out of stock, contact him. Christmas is near. 

If you are a foodie….well, love, love. I hug mine.

Anyhow, they should be doing shows and stuff. I have a beautiful cutting board made by Fargo’s Brilliant One and it is so perfect in every way. I wish I had a whole counter top with the butcher block. Plus, it is beautiful. My family and friends have raved over it. Then, there is Spoon Butter. Anything wood needs this stuff. It is natural and lasts and protects. Oh yeah, and it is food grade. I cannot rave enough. There is a code you can use to get a discount: MOMMAFARGO. Again, why are you reading my fodder? Go there now!

In case you stick around for a minute…

I had to pick the Russian Bear’s brain and so wallah…here it is!~ 

The advertisement made by the Sandy Hook parents of victims was quite daunting and gained a lot of headlines recently. If you have traumatized yourself, watch it here. Yes, you’re welcome!

You can read the slanted NY Times article on it here: article.

The Russian Bear’s take on all this is quite brilliant as usual. He should be in politics. Wait, they would never elect someone with common sense and a clean record. Sigh. Maybe on the local level. But, he should be president. 

Do you have any ideas for safer schools? If so, what?

Saw the ad.   Dark humor at first and then the grim ending fading to black with a door creak.  As an advertisement, it creates a very visceral reaction from the viewer.

As for the Times article, kudos to the editor for using “gun-safety activist group” to label Sandy Hook Promise and other organizations advocating for gun control.  My first thought when reading that label was: “Gun safety activist group?  You mean like the NRA?”  Nope..they go on to describe the NRA as a gun-rights-at-any-cost group that targets women and children with cartoons.

Who can possibly be against gun safety?

The same tactic is used anytime restrictions on freedom are introduced.  “Clean Water Act” is the first one that comes to mind.

As for safer schools, the only solutions I can think of, remove or restrict freedom. 

1)     Mass shootings don’t happen in prisons ergo turn schools into prisons: Hardened and screened entry and exit points with armed guards.  Similar to Joe Clark’s tactics at Eastside High School, Paterson, New Jersey. 

2)     End the public school system as a physical place.  Remote /VR classrooms.  End busing, no more snow days, no more physical contact between teachers and students.  A win/win/win.

The ad says that gun violence can be prevented if you know the signs.  This seems to be getting into the world of “Minority Report” and tagging people for pre-crime or thought crime.  What do we do with people we’ve now tagged as potential killers? Who is to adjudicate what constitutes “mental instability”?  How can this not be a violation of due process rights?

  • You are so right, RB. I still cannot understand why so many buy into these fly by night ideas. Yet, they do not want to enforce laws already on the books or give enough attention to hire more enforcement officers to do it; i.e. ATF. Why? Oh they are so scary. No, they are not scary. People who break the law are scary. Law abiding citizens should be left alone. Yeah, red flag laws are dangerous. And what will happen is going way too far with their labels. Then, before you know it, the 2nd amendment would be quashed just as they would like to see it. Guns no more. Socialism alive. Blah. Scary. I suggested online only schools to solve the mass shooters and the reactions were pretty drastic. Well, that is about it or prison schools. 

And what Dem candidate do you think is going to make it as their fearless leader for the election?

It will be a toss up between Grandpa Touchy McSniffens and Faux-cahontas. Both will get edged out by Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris at the convention by some super-delegate shenanigans.  Chaos will ensue as the identity/privilege/victim politics circus gets underway.

  • Here, here! I had to snort laugh here a minute at the RB assessment on candidates. Yeah, I see nothing but crazy and if Barnum and Bailey were a thing again, they would be hiring these clowns. It really sinks the Democratic Party when they all come out in whacko (scientific term) fashion like this. Where is the organization? The common sense? A solid character? Zippo. 

Do you think China and Russia are building an alliance?

They are neighboring world powers.  If they don’t already have an alliance, they probably should, just to be good neighbors.  They haven’t had a border dispute for 16 years so they are most likely on good terms.

[Tin Foil Hat on] Of course, this is just proof that Trump is acting on orders from Putin.  This trade war with China is driving them into the waiting arms of the Russians, as planned by Moscow.

  • Yep. We got problems. To name a big few: China, Russia, Iran, and the small potatoes North Korea that could turn into something else if left unattended. I see everyone flipping and creating alliances if they haven’t already. We need some strong forces. I liked Bolton. He was like we need to take the bull by the horns. I have no idea why Trump did not go after Iran. This one stumps me. 

Do you fear Iran is pushing for a brouhaha with us to get our attention in talks or flat out war is inevitable?

Iran’s stated goal is world domination through jihad.  They tried talking and got some pallets of cash.  I don’t know why they would want an armed conflict.  All they have to do is wait 50 years, and through simple demographics Islam/sharia will dominate Europe, the UK, Minnesota and Michigan.

  •  Yep, I have feared this as well. Europe is already aware of their growing problem and now has mucho conflict. I often said, all the bad guys have to do is take over our banks and our politics. Uhhh.Hello. Wake up, America. 

Anything else you find interesting?

Ilhan Omar Nur-Said.  I find it interesting that a refugee from a horrible place, can become an elected official in their new home, and be blind to the blessings that surround them.  America!  What a country!

  • No doubt. What the heck, over? I don’t get it either. Oh wait, I do. There is something else underlying there. Think of it as a different mechanism to disrupt. She is doing a good job. Minnesota and Michigan. You would think the cold would not have been conducive and they would have sought out Florida or California. After all, those places were liberal to start with. Maybe because it is easier to sway fewer and lower populated areas when their brains are frozen? Just a thought. I love the states, not the states the states are going to. And, I love frozen brain people. I are one of them, too. However, I refuse to turn. 

Thank you, Russian Bear, for your brilliant insight. We might have to dive into some other avenues as these issues keep on keeping on. I attended a festival with black powder competitions and went into the NRA booth as I was lost getting to my friend’s booth. They had people lining up. I was grinning ear to ear. Seems things backfired for Beto. 



5 thoughts on “Did you see that advertisement?

  1. It is good to see a coupe of people out there who knows what they are talking about instead of the MSM/Liberal BS. On the other hand, and I may not understand or know what’s going on, but your link to Russian Bear takes me to your post on your police reading place.


  2. They’ve got some nice stuff there. Re the schools/gun stuff, can we say mental defective if you OWN a gun? That’s where they are heading…


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