Billy’s got a blue dress.

The walls are talking and leaking some good stuff.

The news keeps reeling of Epstein’s death. Blips of the autopsy have been released to include the findings of broken neck bones including the hyoid bone. Interesting.

Could it be related to a hanging death? Sure. But, so many from a bed sheet in a prison cell? I would have to look at the death position. If it was a lean in hanging or a fall, that would make a difference.

All the other circumstances adding up stinks to a huge correctional failure in the least bit.

And then…there is this [see pic].

Photo credit: J Arthur Bloom, Twitter account

Seems Bill either posed in a strange portrait painted in oil, or someone painted the former president in a dress seemingly a look alike to Monica’s famous blue dress. Weird.

Um. Is it satire? A humorous spin on the scandal? Or what? I am pretty flabbergasted. If Clinton posed for this, wow! Dumb.

If it is an artist poking at the problem, that is also sick. It was a serious infraction of authority and the office, even if it wasn’t the first time.

Just because these affairs and cover-ups continue, does not mean it is OK. They happen in every field, in every corner of the world. At least own your mess and move on.

But to then portray it like this? That is pretty twisted. Like cigar room twisted. In any way, with all the flights logged to the island by Clinton, Epstein’s friendship with the Clintons, and this strange artwork…it all adds up to evil stinkery.

What the heck: police heckling during a shootout. I never.

The cheese has slipped from several people’s crackers. During the Philly shootout, a crowd was jeering and heckling police officers.

Has everyone lost their freaking minds?

Something also interesting was the video feed I watched. The civilians were not alarmed and stood in dangerous locations during this incident. They knew the police were the only targets. Hmm.

And then to add a crowd of hecklers? Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

Was that from observation or inside knowledge? Usually when bullets fly, people scatter. It is an automatic response.

Really. What does that do an officer’s psyche? And people wonder how police can remain cool and calm during all this.

Somehow, those people must be charged with interference in the swiftest way in order to curb this nonsense. I mean, I can’t even fathom it.

Travel ban. Borders closed.

I cannot help but chuckle at Israel’s response to Omar and Tlaib visiting their country. Uh, sorry, the planes don’t fly for you.

Wow. That is a strong message.

Do I blame them? No. Harsh response for harsh sentiments and viewpoints. It is a safe political coup.

Frankly, I would not be surprised if this tactic was extended to presidential visits. I don’t think it is wise to bar talks and interpersonal communication, but it seems to be the way of the world now.

It is like defriending them from Facebook.

Speaking of travel bans, Twitter, Google, and Facebook continue to swipe at online partisan politics. Several of my friends have had a “Facebook timeout”. One post I had written about firearms safety was shut down and I was given a warning. I had to appeal and it took 5 days.

Finally, they let the post out of quarantine.

WordPress and Blogger are also shutting down blogs with mention or platforms on firearms.

I may not be long for this world….

At any rate, until then, I will carry on. And by that, I mean carry on.

4 thoughts on “Billy’s got a blue dress.

  1. Yep, definitely strange times are upon us. Epstein was doomed when the word got out that he was thinking of cooperating… The powers that be couldn’t have that. Re Philthydelphia, what else do you expect? Actual respect in a Dem stronghold???


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