Looking through the justice lens: it’s a bit dark in here.

How much money do you have to make in order to buy people?

Jeffrey Epstein is dead by an apparent suicide. It’s all over the news. Cue the conspiracy theories. Well, I happen to know how jails are run and so I raise some serious questions.

First, they are holding facilities. They run a tight ship most often.

Let’s look at some issues. Epstein had already been attacked or attempted suicide. The clarification of a self-assailant or outside attacker was never realized because it was glanced over.

Once this happens, you are put in suicide watch or an infirmary cell which is essentially a rubber room of solitary with close watch.

Magically, he was cured or his assailants never assailed and he was taken off this watch? Come on. Because he was high profile and had dirty dark secrets, he should have been placed in special confinement anyway.

Me thinks it stinks. I bet someone was paid off. If this investigation yields nothing, then I have no faith in our legal system. There was a breakdown or payoff somewhere.

Dark secrets and tweets.

Trump is even retweeting linking the Clintons to Epstein…inciting a conspiracy. Is it a conspiracy if it is true? Inquiring minds want to know.

What would life be without Twitter? Nice, I think. I would not miss it a bit.

Anyhoozle, I digress..yet again. It is going to happen a lot. 

I know, you are thinking, “Fargo, you should be on the level, looking at the facts and truths, not drumming up conspiracy theories.” 

Yes, you are correct. But, it somehow stinks even in the simple forms of policy and procedures. It is true that if people want to kill themselves, they will find a way. But, I find it highly suspicious that cameras are not working or were not on or are not in that area. I just can’t buy it. 

It’s kind of like: “kidding, not kidding.”

You have jailer failure, but you still have evidence and cameras and security. Why did it magically go poof on your most important prisoner? You can’t tell me budget or human resource shortages when it comes to one of the most important cases in political history. 

Again, are the children just not worth the justice? Are we going to discard all those victims to save some politicians? Pisses me off. Yes, I am angry about this!

Jailer Failure.

There will be a scapegoat. It will be a jailer or an inmate.

My guess is the correctional officers will be held accountable and everything will go away.

If I were Epstein, I would have bankrolled the whole operation and asked for WITSEC. Maybe that’s what he was going to do.

In 40 years, it will all be declassified and we will know. The case puts things in perspective and drives a final nail in our trust from those in rich and powerful positions. Oh wait. No one trusted them anyway.

But, oh boy, money makes you dangerous and powerful. Can you imagine that power if it was put to good use?

It is sad that just a strong character does not make you that way anymore. It is also concerning they do not use their money for good. Think of how really, really evil these players are.

How evil? Ooooh. That’s way down there. They made movies about these things and we thought they were fiction.

CustOMARily: Omar does it again.

The Dems have a doozy. Omar again chanted her anti-semitism viewpoints publicly which caused the State Department to redefine it. How do people like this get elected?

Minnesota is a progressive state with a lot of positive things and has totally turned liberal. In fact, they are to the point of not making sense.

The government implodes, the finances are amock, and the economies of small towns are dried up.  But, they tout many things and being a contemporary think tank. Well, maybe one city. The only survivor is Minneapolis. Even St. Paul is not a twin anymore. They forgot the rest of the state. There needs to be some political balance. 

I bet my dad is rolling over in his grave and wishes he were buried in Wyoming instead of the family plot. I wish he were in Wyoming too. I think he outgrew Minnesota in the 70s.

Now, her remarks about the new regulation which limits free speech to boycott other nations or things they do not align with, is somewhat valid. But, I think the things she advocates under the guise of humanitarian is not really accurate. First, you can object, but stop comparing everything to Nazis. It’s getting old.

And it is a disgrace to the victims of Hitler who faced an unfathomable imprisonment and death. Shame on her.

I don’t know the woman personally, nor do I care to, and I disagree with her politics. Furthermore, there is something deep in my gut that gets alarmed by her dangerous mentality and she emits or o-mits in her case- an ominous aura. Yes, I am identifying as a psychic today.

I feel a deep, black cloud around that woman and her influence is ill driven. Disclaimer: just my opinion and hinkle meter going off.

Politics are deep in the justice system which is riddled with deep, dark secrets.

For the average citizen and criminal, the justice system works as it was intended to with some quirks. It is mostly the way we think of it: due process and overly weak and overly strong laws and some consequences. 

But if you are famous or rich, money changes justice. We all know that. 

There have been dark trading and secrets in politics for years. What we may think we realize, is probably 1,000 times more nefarious than our minds can drum up. Take some time to chew on that. 


And they run our country. Maybe theu just “let” us think we live an average American life, but are behind the scenes controlling all the strings. I think I like to live in ignorance and pipe dreams.

Do you feel like there is a puppet master(s)?

Yes, I am veering off in a land only for Alex Jones and the like. I do know not everything is a conspiracy theory. But, in all fairness, justice is not fair.

It is there to regulate regular folk. Hello, ordinary people!

Sometimes we just have to weigh both sides and think about the what ifs and make sure we gauge them before we make decisions, pass laws, etc. You have to make things “bullet proof” and “loophole” proof to keep life fair and even keeled. 

And then there is the exception: the rich. Money can buy you justice. We still have to keep fighting for what is good and condemn those who taint the justice system. Yes, I said taint.

Is it possible to have good win over evil? I don’t know, but I have to keep trying. 

I think one side will always outweigh the other in the scales of justice. 






6 thoughts on “Looking through the justice lens: it’s a bit dark in here.

  1. In my 75 years I have had a few people close to me pass on, but nothing like the Clintons since the 1992 Whitewater Gate and the hundreds of deaths associated with them. I just wish Omar would piss them off. In some ways I think the guards over Epstein should get a medal. But there are so many more that needs to be found out. Again, the Clintons come to mind.


  2. Now CP, it’s not hundreds…. it’s… 49, well 50 counting Epstein… And we’ll probably NEVER know the answer. They will use their money and power to bury (literally AND figuratively) any documents/people/photos/video that need to go away.

    Absolute power (and lots of money) corrupt absolutely, as we learn again and again…


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