The Passageway and the Strange Political Trends

We keep perpetuating disconnected youth.

I’m sick of talking about it. Do something with your kids. They need nurturing and attention.

The tragedies of El Paso and Dayton are ones which leave a bad mark on the U.S. and our hearts. Many prayers are up for the victims and their families.

So where do we go from here? We’ve been here before.

The talking points on gun control go on and on. I will skip over that. The point is, there is no point. Gun control DOES NOTHING except strip law abiding citizens of 2A rights.

If you cannot see any logic in the mathematics of the problem, then I cannot clarify for you why the problem is not with devices.

So, I won’t go there.

We are raising a bunch of sickos. You don’t think I worried about raising my kid right and making sure she was good, stable, and strong? Yes, I did. I saw the way of the world and the generational differences which scared the hell out of me.

I still failed in my mission. My kid is at odds with me right now and moved out because she didn’t like the rules.

I still did not raise a killer or a dysfunctional child. I raised a child who will be successful and productive. She just doesn’t like her Momster right now.

And when you are 19, you feel you need to be independent. I did. I just did it with style and grace instead of angry face.

The president’s visit did not go well.

So many news outlets and even some Trump’s aides say the visits to El Paso and Dayton did not go well or as planned.

I believe he meant good will and to extend his sympathy. But, the president cannot appear empathetic. Why?

He’s socially awkward. It doesn’t mean he is evil. It means he just cannot relate to people on a social level very well. His brain is wired to business and economics.

He does not people well. It comes from the lack of nurture I can imagine he had from his parents. Rich people seem to raise very emotionally distant kids.

It doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings. It just means they are socially awkward, much different from middle Americans.

The picture of him and Melania with an orphaned baby seemed to display cheers and jeers. It has been deemed as “obscene” by The Atlantic and “tone-deaf” by others. Sure, on the surface, it at least bit is awkward. But does it offend me? No. I don’t know the context and background of the moment. It is a picture.

Photo credit: Melania Trump Twitter

One thing is certain. Trump needs to use less of his thumbs up poses. He doesn’t do it with natural ability. It seems forced, like he doesn’t know what to do with his hands.

I can sympathize. I take terrible pics and many people don’t know what to do. He could have put his arm around the man, put his hand on his shoulder as a sign of support (with permission, of course) or just had his hands down at his side. Maybe Melania needs to give him modeling tips.

But about the pose. Is there one way to act at a moment of unfathomable tragedy? Everyone reacts differently and maybe there were moments of laughter and smiles with the families. No one knows the points of conversation.

So, just shut up about it. Move on. Let the president deal with support or fall out, or banishment from the victims. I don’t know how they feel.

Maybe they didn’t want a political person in the midst of their grieving which was no harm against the president, but was just private time. Or maybe they hate him.

It does not matter.

What matters is we fix the nation and encourage unity to solve our social issues.

What are you supposed to do with those left behind on a political visit to show support? Give them hope? Or run around with somber looks of despair and lack of hope? Are we to judge each moment as a teaching moment? I don’t know.

I think there is no perfect answer. Of course, to appear your best at this time, the president should have looked depressed and somber because then he would not have been raked over the coals.

President Trump awkwardly put his thumbs up during the pic and everyone was smiling. I would bet the family swamp that they were posing with the family for their own memory of the visit.

“Can we get a pic with you, Mr. President?”


Snap, snap. No one thought to pose with a depressed look on their faces.

In no way can I believe it intended to offend or celebrate the tragedy.

We connect the dots in a fucked up way.

If the dots don’t go in a line or the way we want them to go, we add more dots.

Big media have to spin every twist and turn the WH makesĀ  because it is an opportunity to discredit the Commander in Chief they hate. They hate him that bad. That’s deep.

That’s scary. It affects their mind, their writing, their coverage. And it sways the public and grows the hate seed into a big bean stalk.

There is no mercy. It is a relentless bombardment of attacks. But it isn’t just the president. It with our neighbors, our friends, our social media powers, our reactions.

Kind of like how we all treat our enemies.

We really need to figure out how to work together as a country even if we do not like our leaders and/or do not agree with others.

Sometimes, I think we just need to remember people are human beings, rather than try to make all those around us align.

Just because you disagree, does not an enemy make.

4 thoughts on “The Passageway and the Strange Political Trends

  1. A lot of the disaffection is due to social media. Kids don’t talk to parents, don’t talk to each other, etc. EVERYONE in the family is wrapped up in their smartphone worlds, ignorant to what is going on around them. I watched a family of four at a restaurant a few weeks ago at the table next to me. They ‘might’ have exchanged 10 words total during a half hour meal. ALL of them were on their phones while they were eating.


  2. Hey Momma Fargo;

    I blame a lot of it on social media, it is trendy to mock the President. You are right, President Trump is socially awkward, he is not a politician, but a ruthless businessman. He can’t schmooze like the politicians can.


  3. Social media has changed,our world. It has a lot of boldness we don’t have in person. There are some things I like about it like connecting with old friends and new friends. But I don’t like all the haters in the negative vibe you get in some places. People seem to be very different behind the monitor than they are in person.


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