White is not a color.

People are now disgusted and apologizing for their genetics.

Rosanna Arquette is publicly speaking about the unspeakable. She is white. Talk about a world crisis. In the news today, she is quoted as saying, “It disgusts me.” This calls for an intervention. Someone please remove all her encounters with glass or mirrors so that she may avoid further meltdowns. 

[waves hankie in air for her tears] I literally think she is sobbing. 

She also adds that she is very sorry for having been raised as privileged.

Why should anyone EVER apologize for who they are [unless they are a child perpetrator or a serial killer] or what race or nationality they are? Does this make sense? TF.

I wonder if there is a shot for that. Like a DNA shot where you can be injected with another race and then become different and identify with another color. Now that’s an idea. 

No! That’s a dumb idea.

She also claimed she will never stand for the flag again.  Uh, ok. Your choice. it isn’t a law. Should we give you a medal? 


I choose to stand, btw. My parents taught me deep respect for the flag and what it stands for and who has died for it. 

Sigh, I digress. 

The statistics are lining up at the door that prove Hollyweird is whacked. I mean, are Morgan Freeman, Gary Sinise, and Clint Eastwood the only sane ones left? They are conservatives, btw. Not that there aren’t sane Democrats in Tinsel Town, but I cannot recall any off of the top of my head.

Yes, that was a truth jab. Sorry not sorry. [she has jokes]

If you do not identify as white, what can you do about it?

So, let me get this right. If you do not like being white, can you legally tan or dye your skin? No. Not advisable, silly goose. That would be cultural appropriation, a big no no. Look what it did to What’s Her Face who became a national disgrace.

Look at Elizabeth Warren. Wait. They did forgive Liz because she is going to give free stuff away.

You could cover yourself head to toe in gauze like a mummy. 

Popeye said it best, ” I yam what I yam.”

You were fucking born that way, dumbass. Did you enslave people? Did you treat people like shit? If you did, then yes, you are a terrible person and you should be ashamed of being white.

If you did not, then what the fuck are you apologizing for? On the behalf of someone else? You cannot apologize for other people.

Duh. It’s empty.

You can choose to be different than them. You can choose kindness. 

What is the deal with “white privilege”?

No one cares what color your skin is; they care about how good of a person you are and what you do with your “white privilege” or whatever you have. White privilege does not extend to the poor, btw. Poor iz poor. It has no color. There is privilege. It has to do with green, not white.

I suppose to be simplified, people will claim white folks did not get discriminated against from forever ago to the 1960s and on to today and so that is color privilege.

I see the definition. But we are not them.

And we do not have to continue the cycle of hate and oppression. We can do better. That is what I envisioned America has been moving toward in the last few decades.

Yes, sadly, it is a rather new transition out of slavery. I wish I could say it was prehistoric times.

What does teaching and pushing white privilege actually do?

It perpetuates divisive behavior. It puts people in color classes. It is STUPID.

Shut. up. about. it.

Move on. We seem to be circling the drain, incapable of progress because we constantly say sorry for our color, our hair, our partisan affiliation, blah blah blah.

Remember the times someone told you to stop apologizing and saying sorry if you don’t mean it or change? Yes. You. Me. When you say sorry for the same thing over and over again, you are a schmuck.

Each individual should embrace their own heritage and share their differences, learn from the differences of others. We do not all need to be the same color to empathize, grow, learn, love, volunteer, do humanitarian things, be a public servant, display good stewardship, save the environment, be kind, seek joy, etc.


Seek a big stick.

America has traveled this dangerous course toward total and complete implosion and perpetual stupidity for years. Who started it? It started in the 1960s, but then we had momentum to come out of the evil darkness of treating others unfairly and violating rights. We started passing good laws {Rights Acts] and formed organizations. We worked together.

We were getting better. We were a free country.

Now we have become chained again. We are enslaved. We are imprisoned by what the internet and media shoves down our throat and we absorb it all without critical thinking. Why? Because you HAVE to accept what THEY are saying.


The problems started with Gen Z. Not because of anything they did, but because of the way we raised them. We fucked up.

Gen Z is a mixed bag of tricks. Classifying them is like herding cats.

This is what happens when you raise free range kids.

If you look around you, who is fueling the most stink about issues and rising civil unrest? 30-60 year olds. Pelosi and Soros are outliers.

Us and Gen Z. Yes, they got all of us old folks who know better riled up; those who are their parents and grandparents. Ew. TF.

But Gen Z and younger are fitting the profile of mass shooters. We made them. Our own dysfunction is creating a new one, with the help of technology.

What if we create gender laws?

We already have. Women’s Rights Act, Roe v. Wade, etc. What have we given men? The can’ts, not the can dos. Why? Because men were above women in social and economic status at one time. We had to fight for suffrage, owning property, being a person. We have to continue to push them down. [insert sarcasm-come on, that was funny]

Sorry guys, you don’t count. 🙂 [insert sarcasm-funny again]

No worries, gentlemen, you are about to get some laws in your favor. Lucky you, some Californian is moving toward a law to regulate young men buying guns. Great idea! NOT.

Why not, you ask.

Because it will affect my rights as a gun owner, too. Slippery slope.

I think we should talk about the fact that males are predominantly the active shooters. However, it should come up in prevention and intervention tactics and recognizing the danger signs…NOT GUN CONTROL.

That was yesterday’s discussion.

I have lost my identity. Who am I supposed to be?

So what happens when we begin to believe these narratives? We suck. That’s what happens. I should not apologize for being white just like anyone else should not ever apologize for their color. We are who we are. It is what you do with that color that counts!

You should also not walk down the street and turn your nose up at me because I am white. That isn’t very nice. I would not do that to you.

Gah. Why is color even in the conversation. I don’t see color. I see people.

Oh, that’s right, shitheads. Shitheads ruin it for everyone.

See, I was doing really well not cursing in these last few posts. I just earned a lot for the curse jar today. Let’s keep it going, I need to go to Vegas. [What is the purpose of a curse jar if you use it for vacation? Does that make it reward? Just a question.]

Did you know that assholes come in all colors? Yep. They are all inclusive.

The English language has become so bastardized, I really do not know what I can and cannot use without offending someone to have healthy discourse. More and more I just stare at people having conversations for the sake of protecting my reputation or getting a piece chewed out of me because I don’t agree. I have no energy anymore to fight the good fights.

What is correctness?

We all fumble. I forgive you. Of course I forgive you after I flog you in the town square, give you a scarlet letter, and exile you to an island.  Yes, that is how bad it is out there.

Oh, I have been guilty of being politically incorrect in many times of my life. I agree and disagree with many people.

I have said the wrong things, used the wrong words.

But what we have forgotten was intent.

It is just like crime. Intent changes everything.

How can we not learn if we do not fail once in a while. Now, all your mistakes are pinned to your shirt and lined up on your resume.

We also pressure people to be neutral and be all the same. We are not! We should not be!

We have lost our forgiveness. People are no longer allowed to make mistakes, grow up, or change. Heck, we cannot even change our ideology without being raked over the coals.

Can we just talk about things without all the disdain? If you don’t agree with me, that’s OK. I would love to talk about things and have some good convos.

But most people are not in compliance of Interpersonal Communication 101 where there is an EXCHANGE of messaging and receiving on both sides. 

Somehow this has to stop. We need to slow our roll and really use some intellect instead of spouting off things that turn into viral narratives which perpetuate divide and civil unrest.

I’m beginning to think there is poison in our water or George Orwell was right. Or, radio waves are brainwashing us.

That’s it. Brainwashing. I saw this in a movie.

Where can we go where these things will not find us?

Maybe Canada? Or other countries where these problems do not exist?

It’s an idea. Wait. Hollyweird. They were going there first.

Retreat to the mountains!! There is no cell service there.

Now. Go back to the featured image of this post. Take a good look at that dog. This is how I feel when Americans start radicalizing stupid ideas. It feels like people fart in my office. Or cloud up my wilderness. 

Put a cork in it. Or at least bring some FeBreeze. I prefer coconut or lavender scents. 



10 thoughts on “White is not a color.

  1. I grit my teeth at being labeled as ‘white’ – I am not any of the 1,000+ shades of ‘white’ in a paint store. The color that matches my skin tone is “Tantalizing Peach” – and I shall be referred to as that from here on…


  2. I’m always referred to as “White.” Unfortunately for these types of people, I have my genetic profile on my phone. Turns out my ancestry is like everyone else’s. Complicated. I have DNA from northern Africa. Ashkenazi. All over Europe. And while Eastern Europe turns up nothing, I apparently have common DNA with a bunch of Russian mummies. I’m pretty much a European dude. I don’t want to be thought of as “white.” But if I’m going to be penalized for being white, people shouldn’t be shocked when I start advocating for that group.


    1. I believe you are 100% correct. We are all complicated. If people would look at the genetic studies that have come out in the recent research, they would see that most people have migrated Out of Africa. DNA is a fascinating tell all.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey Momma Fargo;

    They are pushing the group idinity thing really hard, remember our bill of rights are individual rights and we are born with those rights as Americans. They were just codified in the constitution to remind everyone. Now they are pushing “Group rights” and government has to grant those…funny thing is that group rights are not rights, but privileges granted by government. and what government givith, government can take away. I am an average white dude, I treat everyone with respect…unless they are a jerk then my manners do slip a bit. I will not apologize for my race or gender…I didn’t enslave anyone or assault women..and I refuse to apologize for something I didn’t do or won’t do. Getting used to your new format, I gotta start looking to move my blog, I was thinking about wordpress but apparently they are almost as bad as blogger.


    1. I agree. I am not sure if any free service is safe. Technically, they can remove anyone that doesn’t mean there standards or their agenda or their sway. It might come down to the fact that some of us may have to purchase our own space. And you know what? If that’s what it takes to keep the playing field fair, then that’s what I will do. But for now I will exercise My Free Speech. LOL


  4. Grumpy old man over here. Every bit of ‘privilege’ I have, I EARNED. It had nothing to do with my skin color. You think you can take it away, you’re welcome to try.


    1. Lol. Nope, not taking it away. You did earn it. Even if you were born into it, lucky you. I do not qualify as I have been middle-class or poor my entire life. If there is privilege to that, then I have never known it.


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