A man and a scandal of words.

A wise man once said.

There are wise men past and present. Wise women as well. Today, mankind and manpower and man have reverted back to the original context. Over time as feminism rose, those words became generic to include all human beings.

I am not sure who is to blame for the semantics issues: liberals, millennials, or mob mentality. Are they the same? Or are we changing our opinions and transforming into something else?

Research will surely tell us in a few years down the road. One thing is for sure, my patience with political correctness and thin skinned individuals and crowds has ended.

I have run out.


When we age, I believe we mature into from what nature and early nuture gave us to an environmental shaping. Influences hit us from all sides.

But why today is everything said, felt, expressed sensationalized into a scandal when it does not align with even the minority?

Put that in your thesis and smoke it.

I have several near and dear to me who are socially awkward. What do I mean by that?

They have not grown with the changing society. Some are sheltered. Others just are stubborn with a touch of autism spectrum. Many public appearances or friend gatherings have embarrassed me by things which cometh out unexpectedly and hit my cringe button.

Mind you, these folks mean no harm. They just don’t get it.

It is just as the same kind of perplexity as those who kiss their dog’s noses and faces even though they realize Poochie licks his own butt.

God love them.


So what do we do when these cringeworthy moments strike?

We brace.

We love them anyway.

Then softly and gently we give a teaching moment. Most of the time, those are not well received, by the way. Our interventions are not as sweet as Funions.

Generally speaking after my initial flinch, I may or may not snap at that person in my mind and try to sound diplomatic on the outside. Often it comes out like something the Godfather would have said. Several times, it has the tone and raspiness Darth Vader.

What am I talking about?

Kids propping their feet up on church pews or interfering in adult conversations. Your spouse drifting off because he or she refuses to engage with your international friend who has a language barrier but is trying their damnedness to communicate.

Social media sparks these concerns. Do you ever have that one friend who comments on your post or answers in a gif with off color humor? Yes. Those.

We used to crack jokes about everything under the sun-even religious jokes, racial jokes, feminist jokes, lifestyle jokes, political jokes, jokes about the handicapped, etc. They aren’t funny any more.

I have even changed my own opinions on these things. My environment has reformed my perspectives and ideology. I get the underlining humor behind the jokes and take them without offense.

But, in public arenas, they are always taken offense to which results in a negative view of the teller, the associates, and the audience. Especially if you don’t refute it ten fast and in a hurry.

And then, everything becomes a scandal.


Find your safe space.

Somehow we have to find our way back from this, discuss real things, and let our skin callous over. Move forward. And grow up.

Some things are funny. Some things are not. It is up to all of us to know the difference.

Say farewell to humor.

No one has a funny bone anymore.

Just in case you were wondering, I will retain my humor, but perhaps the harsh cop edges will soften a little. I do have thick skin, no improvements needed there.

I am literally the political police now, so be forewarned. However, I cannot seem to drift away from time periods such as BC and AD or believing mankind includes all. Sorry not sorry.

In closing, I should add a disclaimer that you should not accept what I say as the absolute truth. I am not a perfect person.

After all, I am just one woman, a derivative of man.

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