7 Ugly Truths About Stepping Out On My Own: Hello, World!

Ground Zero

Welcome to day 1. If you have found me, then I was successful in getting myself out there with some type of vigor.

Or perhaps, it was by accident.

Either way, welcome to my new space where I will be sharing things from a more professional side. Sure, there will be controversy and humor, but with more razzle dazzle.

The Wizard of Oz

Behind the curtain, a certain person lurks. Who am I? I am a former cop, a master gardener, a business entrepreneur, a political scientist, a criminologist, and a bioarchaeologist. Those are my titles by trade and education.

What a basket of eggs, right? I should be a millionaire with all those labels. Yet, I still find myself in upper poverty or lower middle class: however you might define socioeconomic status these days.

Some people never figure out what they want to be when they grow up, so they become life long learners. I am also an aspiring doctorate of criminology, just waiting for entry approval. You might skate along with me on that journey.

How exciting, right? Quite the contrary, I promise not to share textbooks. Consequently, I cannot swear on anyone’s grave that you won’t be bored. It might happen.

The Skeletons

This is kind of surreal. It could be a blank page with no interaction, just a page to journal or vent. That is how I started out in 2008 with blogging anonymously as a cop.

I was quite certain, back then, that I would be discovered and realized too late that I had put my beloved career in jeopardy.

Kind of exciting, I suppose. It was like being undercover or only more nefarious because I could have landed myself in a homeless and unemployed state. Or, I could have created a new policy in my name.

When I started, there were no social media policies.


About 4 years into my blogging, a policy unfolded. What was I to do? I thought about abandoning ship, but I continued under the cloak and pushed on.

Taking risks is my nature.

There are times those risks are not in my favor, but I do not learn. I am bullheaded that way.

Almost busted.

One time, a fellow officer almost found me. He had done a reverse lookup on one of my pics which the lieutenant was not happy about. He mentioned if it went viral after I shared it on Facebook, that I would be in hot water. I actually shared it also on the blog. It was getting many hits.

I quickly took the blog site down temporarily. It was a time of sweating bullets. I had developed a fondness and importance of my blog and blog readers. It would have been a sudden shock to abandon it. I just had to work smarter.

After that, I continued with daily rigor and had incognito success.

It opened many doors for me.

As well, I found a community of support and some naysayers, but mostly those who found my daily grind fascinating.

I cannot imagine that the unusual things I encountered would take off and become what it has become. Because of confidentiality and policy, I refrained from sharing too much of the human misery which was tragic, although sometimes I found release in doing so.

Thank you to those who lifted me up out the darkness after times of senseless tragedy. Burdens a cop carries can often be very great.

Fun, exciting, new, fresh.

So here we are and here you are. Hang on for the ride. It will interesting at best and humdrum at the worst.

Wait. Surely, I should use some better marketing strategies. Well, that might explain why I am not wealthy. Some skills are lacking. [ Enter sarcastic humor]

By the way, I am very sarcastic. There are times my humor is often misunderstood and flies over heads. Be prepared.

This is also an interactive site, so I encourage you to participate, if you will. Yes, haters and supporters are welcome. I am all inclusive.

Have a fantastic day!



9 thoughts on “7 Ugly Truths About Stepping Out On My Own: Hello, World!

  1. I think I found you in 2011 or 2012, I was a state Constable struggling with the cold wall the female cops were giving me locally.
    I loved reading your take on things.


  2. Hey Momma Fargo;

    It is I your favorite stalker :). Seriously though, I will update your “old” blog with the new “blog” in my blogroll. I am looking forward to you posting.


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